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Chlor-Free Universal Degreaser

A VOC-compliant formula that really works.


According to CRC Industries, Inc. (Horsham, PA), it has now introduced the most powerful, non-chlorinated, 50-state compliant, industrial degreaser on the market today. Developed for effective degreasing of industrial equipment, CRC Chlor-Free Universal Degreaser revolutionizes the speed with which industries can tackle grease and grime, while still meeting regulations in all 50 states.

This state-of-the-art aerosol degreaser aggressively dissolves grease, dirt and oils, with a PowerJet Spray Nozzle that blasts away contaminants quickly. CRC Chlor-Free Universal Degreaser leaves no residue, and fast evaporation means less downtime. It works on a wide range of applications including motors, chains, wire ropes, cables, gears, generators, power tools, parts, bearings, pumps, heavy equipment, and anywhere a low flashpoint is acceptable. Available in a 14-wt. oz spray can (part no. 1753974), CRC Chlor-Free Universal Degreaser is rated NSF K1. It is non-corrosive and won’t harm metals.

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