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Environmentally Friendly Bio-E.P Wire Rope Lubricants

They provide a light waxy-tacky coating.

Renewable Lubricant Sized

Renewable Lubricants (Hartville, OH) introduces Bio-E.P Wire Rope Lubricants, ultimately biodegradable vegetable oils formulated with antiwear, extreme pressure (E.P.), anti-rust, oxidation inhibitors and a tackifier. They provide a light waxy-tacky coating and are recommended for lubricating multi-strand cables and wire rope wound around central cores of steel of fiber which are subject to heavy loading and or shock loading, like marine cables, crane cables, pulleys and more. Additionally:

  • These bio-based products provide improved fire resistance over equal viscosity petroleum products, and contain no chlorine, zinc, or heavy metals, so they are safer for employees and the environment. 
  • Performance is enhanced with the Stabilized HOBS’s natural vegetable oil composition, which provides an oily boundary film with a natural polarity to metal surfaces.  This helps to clean and then penetrates deep into the inner core of the cable to prevent rust and wear.  
  • The super high viscosity index of the stabilized HOBS adds additional lubrication qualities.  
  • Laboratory and field tests have shown that the products provide exceptional protection with excellent low temperature pumpability.   
  • Bio-E.P. can be applied by spray, brush, drip, or pressure boot, making it easier and cleaner to apply than traditional petroleum-based products., 330-877-9982

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