Anti-Corrosion Primer


A good primer is an excellent key to a successful coatings system—especially when corrosion protection of metals is at stake. The primer provides an important baseline for metal surface protection by covering imperfections, creating a smoother profile, and, most importantly, providing good adhesion between the substrate and the topcoat so the protective coating bond can last as long as possible while inhibiting corrosion.

Although primer needs vary from project to project, painters ready to go the extra mile can maximize durability by choosing Cortec (St. Paul, MN) high performance VpCI-395 Water-Based Epoxy Primer for their next corrosion inhibiting application. VpCI-395 is a fast drying, 2K water-based epoxy one coat system that can be applied direct to metal for use as a protective primer in harsh, outdoor, unsheltered applications. VpCI-395 provides multi-metal protection that competes with most paints and zinc-rich primers. It performs well in corrosive salt spray and humidity test conditions., 800-426-7832

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