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Chemically Resistant, NASA Low Outgassing, Non-Drip Epoxy System

It provides a high glass transition temperature of 140 to 150°C, and exceptional electrical insulation properties.


New from Master Bond (Hackensack, NJ), the EP41S-5ND Black is a two part, NASA low outgassing rated epoxy, with outstanding chemical resistance to acids, bases, alcohols and fuels. Most significantly it will withstand liquid immersion to harsh chemicals such as methylene chloride, phenol (10%) and nitric acid (30%). This system contains no solvents and cures at room temperature, or more rapidly at elevated temperatures.

EP41S-5ND Black has a good physical strength profile with a tensile strength measuring between 10,000 and 12,000 psi, and a tensile lap shear of 900-1,100 psi, both at room temperature., 201614-5865

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