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Meltio Robot Cell Can Manufacture Parts in Industrial Environment Autonomously

The system allows standard metal 3D printing starting from a build plate in a factory.

Meltio Robot Cell

Meltio (Linares, Spain) launched the Meltio Robot Cell, a turn key metal additive manufacturing solution to boost the performance of a industrial robotic arm in a safer, more reliable and highly accurate way by controlling the entire process including its recently launched slicing software Meltio Space.

This new system allows standard metal 3D printing starting from a build plate in a factory as well as part repair or feature addition.

Meltio Robot Cell features:

  • Compatible with open hardware platform that allows Meltio to integrate metal 3D head into any brand of robotic arm
  • Robot and positioner installed on self-supporting platform, laser safe enclosure together with Meltio Engine, Meltio Space and accessories
  • Designed as plug & play system with single electrical power supply and single inert gas supply
  • Must be in controlled environment
  • Certified and tested to operate with ABB robotic arm as standard configuration
  • Evolution of Meltio Engine Robot Integration as base production model to enable industries to incorporate 3D printed parts manufacturing with Meltio head integrated into robot into their production systems
  • Lead time no longer than 4 to 6 weeks in 2023

Technical specifications:

  • Easy to install
  • CLASS 1 Laser Product
  • Large 3D printing volume with continuous positioner axes interpolation
  • Steel platform with leveling points and wiring ducts
  • All equipment and peripherals anchored on platform
  • All cell controls unified on single control panel
  • Load and unload from truck with regular size and load forklift
  • Includes 300x400mm actively cooled build platform and buildplates
  • Single three-phase connector input
  • All cell controls unified on single control panel
  • Connected to customer’s local network (LAN) for PC interconnectivity
  • ABB’s SafeMove to avoid collisions with enclosure
  • Specific Quality Controls before and after integration

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