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Reese's Bests Snickers with 6,000-Pound Take 5

It's 9 feet long.


On January 16, 2020 Mars Wrigley set the record for world's largest chocolate nut bar with a massive Snickers.

Unveiled at the company's plant in Waco, Texas, the bar weighed 4,728 pounds, equal to about 41,000 regular Snickers bars.

The bar combined 1,200 pounds of caramel, peanuts and nougat with 3,500 pounds of chocolate.

Two weeks later, Reese's revealed a 5,943-pound Take 5 bar at Hershey’s Chocolate World in Hershey, PA.

It's 9 feet long, 5.5 feet wide, 2 feet high and the equivalent to about 63,000 Take 5 bars.

Made in just 5 days, the Take 5 bar is a combination of pretzels, caramel, peanut butter and chocolate that broke the record by 1,215 pounds.

Guinness World Records guidelines state that all food-related records must be donated or consumed.

As a result, both the Snickers and Take 5 will be cut up and shared with employees around the nation.

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