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International Research Center for Spirits Innovation Makes new HQ in London

IRCSI will devote itself to finding sustainable development for the global spirits industry, promote innovation in spirits making and boost thought exchange among distillers.

Spirits Innovation

LONDON โ€” In late October of 2019, a group of international master distillers, entrepreneurs and economists met in London to form the International Research Center for Spirits Innovation (IRCSI) and selected London as their new international headquarters.

More than 120 guests including Chinese entrepreneurs, UK based business leaders and international experts from the alcohol/spirits industries were on hand to support the global work of the IRCSI.

Based on the White paper produced by Baijiu's Internationalization, the non-profit, IRCSI, will devote itself to finding sustainable development pathways for the spirits industry worldwide, promote innovation in spirits making, as well as create an international platform for master distillers to exchange their thoughts, techniques and innovations.

At the event, the Luzhou Laojiao International Development Co. Ltd. (HK) and the Kylin Spirits Group (UK), signed a major cooperation agreement with both companies committing themselves to cooperate in all aspects of overseas investments, mergers and the development/distribution of new Baijiu products worldwide.

In China, Baijiu is also referred to as the "Water of History" because stories of this liquor can be traced back to almost every period in China's 5,000-year-old history. Whether it is a marriage, birthday or a welcoming banquet, the history and heritage of Baijiu will become more widely known as a result of the work of the International Research Centre for Spirits Innovation.

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