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Country Time Takes a Stand to Legalize Lemonade Stands

Legal-Ade helps kids pay fees and fines, as well as address laws that won't permit lemonade stands.

Country Time

Last year, Country Time Legal-Ade helped kids across the country pay permit fees and fines on their lemonade stands. This year, inspired by bills passed in Texas and Colorado that changed rules outlawing lemonade stands, Country Time will give lemonade-lovers the tools to start changing their state’s permit laws. Unpermitted lemonade stands are only legal in 14 states. 

Last summer, Country Time introduced Legal-Ade for helping to straighten out lemonade stand-related permits and fines. Legal-Ade defends kids’ rites to a lemonade stand and all the benefits they bestow. Country Time wants to legalize lemonade stands across the country by giving parents and kids the tools to start changing the laws in their state.

By going to, visitors can learn if lemonade stands are legal in their state without a permit. If they aren’t, Country Time is helping start the process by providing information about contacting local state representatives and providing a downloadable Legal-Ade support yard sign. 

Additionally, any child fined for running an unpermitted lemonade stand can have his or her parent apply for reimbursement from the company - up to $300.00. Country Time is part of the Kraft Heinz Company.

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