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More Americans Would Rather Eat At Home

A survey from Peapod shows that 77 percent would rather eat a homemade meal than go out for dinner.

Family Dinner

(PRNewswire)  Peapod, a leading online grocer, has released its annual meal planning forecast report. Among other findings, the research shows a growing appreciation for a home cooked meal. In fact, 77 percent of Americans say they would rather eat a homemade meal than go out for dinner and 43 percent said they plan to cook more in 2019.

Their reasons for cooking at home?

  • 77 percent said cost savings.
  • 51 percent cited eating healthier.
  • 41 percent indicated that family time is a bonus of eating at home.
  • 51 percent are looking to consume less processed food.

Weekdays are overwhelmingly the times most likely to make a home-cooked meal, with Wednesdays peaking as the most popular day to cook dinner at home (75 percent). Perhaps aiming to keep meal planning easy in the middle of the work week, Wednesday is also the most popular day for respondents to look to the convenience of meal kits (51 percent).

Another trend indicated in the survey is an increasing effort to incorporate more meatless dinners, with nearly half of respondents (48 percent) sharing that they already eat no meat for dinner at least once a week. Eating meatless is more common among female respondents, with 52 percent forgoing meat weekly or more often, compared to 44 percent of men.

Nearly half of all adults surveyed (47 percent) plan to take advantage of at least one of the following options in 2019:

  • Click-and-collect grocery shopping (27 percent).
  • Home grocery delivery (26 percent).
  • Meal kit delivery (20 percent).

Peapod offers delivery to both homes and businesses, and has over 200 pick-up locations. The service is currently available in 24 metro markets across 12 states and the District of Columbia.

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