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Top Ten Food Trends for 2019

Butter, bacteria and seaweed highlight the list.

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(PRNewswire)  In its 6th annual Culinary Trends report, the Sterling-Rice Group (SRG) has identified their top culinary trends for the year ahead.

The report identifies flavors, ingredients and even technological advancements in Artificial Intelligence and farming as components of the wave of dining and eating influences. It also cites a growing interest in food as a health, wellness and beauty partner. The trends identified by the report are:

  • Ingredients from dark chocolate to spearmint to herbs and mushrooms that position food as a way to improve memory, mental clarity and peace of mind.
  • Collagen, seaweed and algae-based products that help generate healthier skin, nails and hair, as well as to aid digestive health.
  • High-fat and nutrient-dense snacks for those who struggle to find the time for regular meals.
  • New grains like Kernza and fonio that are high in protein, fiber and amino acids.
  • Sugar aversion has given rise to bitter as the flavor of choice.This includes bitter vegetables as well as a splash of the potent cocktail enhancer.
  • Heartier veggie-centric main dishes with vegetables like cassava, Japanese yams, parsnips, jicama and white potatoes served in new ways.
  • Lettuce is going beyond the salad bowl and into fresh-pressed juice. Hydroponically-grown lettuces are even being requested by name.
  • Butter is back, and being positioned as an acceptable way to improve fat intake and fight against hunger and ketosis.
  • Artificial Intelligence technology is being leveraged to foresee food and flavor trends in real-time for developing restaurant menus and food production targets.
  • The functional benefits of bacteria are being used to create flavor. This can range from Japanese Koji to age meats to yeast and other fungal fermentation techniques.

SRG's Culinary Trends Report for 2019 was overseen by the agency's culinary director Liz Moskow and its culinary team who drew insights from over 175 food experts, sociologists, chefs, nutritionists and other trend-spotters.

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