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Rubber Bands 200 Times Stronger Than Steel Are On The Way

Adding this material could make rubber bands nearly unbreakable, without losing elasticity.

How many meetings have you been in when, in an attempt to simplify things, you challenge co-workers with the old adage about not re-inventing the wheel? But, what if you actually could?

That’s kind of what Hot Springs, Arkansas-based Alliance Rubber is looking to do with their core product -  rubber bands. The company, which is the largest rubber band manufacturer in the world and churns out over 15 million pounds of them every year, is looking to infuse Graphene into a product they’ve been making for nearly 100 years.

For those who might be unfamiliar, Graphene is the strongest material known to man and 200 times stronger than steel. When added in the right proportions, it could make these rubber bands nearly unbreakable, without losing their elasticity.

Alliance announced plans to work with University of Sussex researchers for the next year in perfecting the formula.

This combination of strength, flexibility, and the anti-static nature of Graphene means rubber bands could be embedded with RFID tags, temperature sensors or other data transmission components.

In addition to the numerous uses around the home, office or garage, this could be a game-changer for supply chains with delicate products that are easily damaged or can spoil, like food or electronics.

Depending on cost and materials, Alliance is considering a future where all of their rubber bands contain Graphene. Sometimes reinventing the wheel can have a harmful impact on repeat business.

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