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Inside Lassa Tyres' Smart Factory

See how Lassa Tyres' Akrasay tire plant near Istanbul puts Industry 4.0 applications to use to produce one tire every 2.5 seconds.

The LASSA Aksaray Factory.
The LASSA Aksaray Factory.
Lassa Tyres

ISTANBUL — Brisa Bridgestone Sabancı Tyre Manufacturing Inc.'s Aksaray Plant started the autonomous era in 2018, taking advantage of new generation technologies such as robotics applications, data analytics and digitalization coupled with a qualified employee force. The plant strikes attention with the production capacity it has reached in less than a year, and with the international sales figures.

Lassa Tyres LogoLassa Tyres is increasing its competitive power with value-added production applications like fully automatic tire transfer system, simultaneous tire tracking through the digital twin of the plant in a cyber platforms and augmented reality. The tires produced at the new plant which will produce 4.2 million tires once it reaches full capacity, is exported to 56 countries. With the combined capacity of Aksaray and Kocaeli Plants, Lassa Tyres is producing one tire in every 2.5 seconds.

Autonomous Phase in Tires

Tires produced at the Aksaray Plant nearly never touch the ground with the fully automatic tire transfer system. The digital twin set-up in a cyber environment enables operators to follow-up tires with remote technology and intervene any problems at most in 2 minutes.

Tires are produced with 0 defect at the plant which also adds value to the environment by consuming 30% less energy. Possible malfunctioning of equipment can be foreseen using the proactive maintenance system. Smart vehicles in the plant recognize people and accordingly arrange their speeds and optimize their route. Raw materials are transferred using a closed-circuit system and Solar panels placed in the administrative building help produce electricity and all rain and wastewater is fed back to the system.

Lassa Tyres grew its export figures by 10% compound annual growth rate in the last 5 years, while reaching a growth of 60% in terms of sales figures Lassa Tyres increased the number of countries it operates to 80 and thus achieved 41% territorial growth.

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