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On Demand: Acoustic Imaging for Manufacturing – Capturing Cost Savings Through Sound

Your plant systems and equipment emit certain types of sound before they begin to break down, but most of the time you can't hear it. So, the experts at FLIR made a new point-and-shoot industrial acoustic imaging camera that can identify the smallest of problems, like tiny leaks or even a single bearing that is about to fail. This technology doesn't exist anywhere else in the market.

It's important now more than ever, because the manufacturing industry has a big problem with leaks, especially with compressed air. Up to 30% of a manufacturing plant's total compressed air capacity is being lost to leaks right now. While compressed air may be cheap, the power to run faulty systems is costly.

In this video podcast, IEN's David Mantey and FLIR Global Business Development Manager Rob Milner will discuss how manufacturers are using acoustic imaging camera technology and how it achieves a rapid ROI.

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