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The BinMaster NCR-86 is THE Radar for Solids or Liquids

One radar. Any material.

Its narrow, three-degree beam angle measures accurately within 1 millimeter (1mm accuracy), at distances up to 393', in temperatures up to 482 degrees Fahrenheit,  and with continuous level updates of less than one second.

Choose from three NCR-86 models.

  • A stainless-steel flange with a swivel mount option for aiming.
  • A plastic horn antenna that mounts on the vessel or hanging mounting strap.
  • A threaded option that installs easily through NPT openings.

Plus, you can choose an aluminum, stainless steel, or plastic housing based on your application.

The NCR-86 works everywhere - indoors or outdoors, in high dust and noise, or in condensation or steam. The narrow three-degree beam can aim around structures, measure through plastic walls and down tall mounting sockets. It’s got a limited dead zone measuring up to the top of the vessel.

BinMaster offers mounting options galore:

  • Mounting flanges.
  • Adapter plates for angled roofs.
  • Swivel mounts for aiming.
  • Mounting straps.
  • An adapter plate to easily replace a SmartBob adapter plate

The NCR-86 output choices include a 2-wire 4-20 mA/HART, a 4-wire 4-20 mA/HART, or a 4-wire Modbus to be compatible with your plant’s control system.

Putting safety first, the NCR-86 offers the approvals you need. For ordinary, non-hazardous environments or with CSA, ATEX/UKEX and IEC approvals.

It’s simple to get started with the NCR-86. Install the BinDisc under the lid and follow the steps in the Quick Start Guide.

You only need one BinDisc to set up all the sensors at your site. There’s also a Bluetooth option using an app on your phone. Then get up-to-date inventory using BinCloud software on your phone or PC, or send the data to your control room.

No more climbing, no hassles.

There’s never been a radar this good and this easy.  Get it now from the friendly, helpful people at BinMaster.

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