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Hertz Trades EVs for Gas; Lockheed Busts Sonic Booms; Tesla Raises Factory Wages | Today in Manufacturing Ep. 153

Also on the podcast, EV drivers have problems in subzero weather, Stellantis cuts 539 temp workers, John Deere partners with SpaceX, dirt-powered fuel cell runs forever, Miller Lite debuts beer mints and Tesla trademarks Cyberhammer.

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Every week, we cover the five biggest stories in manufacturing, and the implications they have on the industry moving forward. This week: 

UAW Calls Stellantis 'Heinous' After Automaker Dumps 500+ Temp Workers - @3:15

Stellantis kicked off 2024 with some layoffs, cutting 539 temporary workers.

Tesla Drivers Face Lengthy Charging Delays in Chicago Amid Subzero Temperatures - @12:44

Sub-freezing temps in Chicago are causing extremely long lines for Teslas at the windy city's Supercharging stations.

Tesla Raises Factory Wages, UAW Takes Credit - @24:37

Did Tesla bow to auto industry pressure after the UAW's win over the Big 3?

Lockheed Martin's Skunk Works Rolls Out Sonic Boom Busting X-59 - @40:42

Lockheed Martin Skunk Works rolled out the X-59, an experimental aircraft designed to solve a longstanding challenge of supersonic flight, the sonic boom.

Hertz to Sell 20,000 EVs, Use Proceeds to Buy ICE Vehicles - @50:30

In a recent SEC filing, Hertz said it is selling 20,000 electric vehicles from its U.S. fleet, that's about one-third of the car rental company’s global EV fleet.

In Case You Missed It

John Deere Partners with SpaceX to Connect Rural Farmers with Starlink - @1:00:40

Deere & Company announced a new deal with SpaceX to provide satellite communications (SATCOM) service to farmers through the aerospace firm's Starlink network.

Fuel Cell Powered By Dirt Runs Forever - @1:08:15

The fuel cell could replace batteries in sensors used for precision agriculture.

Miller Lite Offers Beer Mints - @1:12:46

The non-alcoholic mints provide a taste of Miller Lite and a "note of spearmint."

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