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Pepsi Pulled Over Price; Hyperloop One Dies; Boeing Max Blowout | Today in Manufacturing Ep. 152

Also on the podcast, ship sinks while on autopilot, cannibalistic rocket engine eats itself for fuel, NASA's moonshot delays, industrial cybersecurity predictions for 2024 and are carbon-composite fuselages safe?

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Every week, we cover the five biggest stories in manufacturing, and the implications they have on the industry moving forward. This week: 

Inside Look: The Carbon-Composite Fiber Fuselage That Burned on Tokyo Runway - @4:02

Is the material safe?

Ship Sinks After Crew Attempts to Fix Autopilot While Underway - @16:11

In October 2022, the MSC Rita containership was traveling southbound in the Atlantic when the Tremont, a fishing vessel slammed into it.

Boeing Jetliner That Suffered Inflight Blowout Was Restricted - @29:24

The Boeing jetliner behind the infamous inflight blowout over Oregon couldn't fly to Hawaii because, on three different flights, a warning light indicated a potential pressurization problem.

Hyperloop One Shuts Down - @41:46

Family and friends, I welcome you into this gathering which is made sacred with the spirit of love and friendship you bring to celebrate Hyperloop One.

PepsiCo Products Being Pulled Over Price Hikes - @51:44

Carrefour made the dramatic choice to stop selling PepsiCo products in France, Belgium, Spain and Italy over price increases for soda, Lay's potato chips, Quaker Oats and even Lipton tea.

In Case You Missed It

‘Self-Eating’ Rocket Engine Burns Fuselage for Fuel - @1:05:41

University of Glasgow engineers have designed, developed and fired Ouroborous-3, the first unsupported "autophage" rocket engine that eats parts of its own body for fuel.

More Delays for NASA's Astronaut Moonshots, with Crew Landing Off Until 2026 - @1:13:40

The space agency had planned to send four astronauts around the moon late this year.

Industrial Cybersecurity Predictions for 2024 - @1:18:32

The tools, tactics, bad actors and regulations that will impact the year ahead.

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