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How to Solve the Manufacturing Skilled Worker Shortage

Watch: David Mantey joins the iconic Manufacturing Talk Radio podcast to discuss solutions to the industry's greatest challenges.

David Mantey, co-host of the Today in Manufacturing podcast, joined the iconic Manufacturing Talk Radio podcast last week to discuss how the manufacturing industry will solve the skilled worker shortage. 

Mantey joined show host Lew Weiss and co-host Tim Grady, who have been hosting the show for nearly ten years, to talk about: 

  • The origin of Industrial Equipment News (IEN). (1:24)
  • The skilled worker shortage and how manufacturers can innovate out of it. (3:25)
  • Fighting against a legacy of negative manufacturing stereotypes. (6:00)
  • How immigration reform could fill labor gaps. (8:15)
  • The resurgence and importance of shop classes. (11:39)
  • The revolutionary power and influence of additive manufacturing and robotics. (14:40)
  • The benefits and potential dangers of AI. (17:02)
  • The gamification of human resources and rating employees. (22:40)

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