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EV Maker to Pay Cash to Owners Who Have Car Troubles

Customers will receive between $100 and $300, depending on the issue.

Car troubles can be a lonely feeling. Once you drive a vehicle off the lot, many of the things that can go wrong are on you to fix.

EV maker VinFast seems to understand this and has begun a new after sales policy to help alleviate the headaches or, at very least, ease the financial burden. The company said it will begin paying customers directly for certain issues they experience with their VinFast.

VinFast said that Type 1 issues that cause inconvenience but do not impact the use of the vehicle will result in eligible customers receiving $100 for each Type 1 issue they experience. For Type 2 issues, which render a vehicle inoperable, the payment goes up to $300 including roadside assistance. For Type 3 issues, which require a repair time of more than three days, eligible customers will receive $100 from the fourth day onward for every day their vehicle is being serviced by VinFast.

VinFast said it will have to determine the type of issue before paying the customer, either in the form of after sales service vouchers or cash, depositing directly into their accounts. However, the program won’t pay out for issues including or related to hardware upgrades or scheduled software updates; accidents; vehicle damage caused by the customer; the vehicle not being used in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions; or issues that are not reproducible by VinFast.

The company said the new policy, which will be available for a limited time, affirms its “dedication to a customer-centric philosophy” and “the company's bold dedication to its customers.”

The ambitious customer service gambit comes for VinFast as the automaker has faced unfavorable reviews from the automotive press and early recalls. Throwing money at customers may not solve all of VinFast’s early issues but it could help keep people happy.

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