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BMW Debuts Electric Boat with Its Own Soundtrack

The automaker said the watercraft is production-ready.

BMW has teamed up with boat maker TYDE to build a new battery-electric watercraft that debuted at the Cannes Film Festival.

The ICON measures more than 43 feet long and reaches a top speed of 30 knots while riding on hydrofoils.

It relies on a pair of 100 kW electric motors that convert 240 kWh of energy supplied by six batteries from BMW i into a range of more than 50 nautical miles.

The drive system and hydrofoils mean the ICON produces nearly zero noise and minimal wake.

That allows passengers to fully enjoy the boat’s exclusive soundtrack composed by Academy Award winner Hans Zimmer.

The ICON features several large glass panels to provide views of the water.

It also includes a touchscreen based on the BMW iDrive control/operation system that replaces most of the ship’s traditional instruments.

BMW said the ICON is not just a design prototype but a production-ready vehicle.

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