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Engineering Student Replaces Pinky With 3D-Printed Finger

The finger features movable joints and provides near-normal function.

A hospital provided an engineering student with a 3D-printed finger after he lost his right pinky in a motorcycle accident.

The student, Russel Ko, qualified for Tan Tock Seng Hospital's pilot study that 3D prints functional finger prostheses.

The Singaporean hospital's 3D-printed finger features movable joints and provides near-normal function.

According to a doctor in TTSH's hand and reconstructive microsurgery department, patients take better to 3D-printed fingers than myoelectric prostheses.

The procedure reportedly costs a few hundred dollars compared to the cosmetic prosthesis price of a few thousand dollars.

The hospital is also developing a 3D-printed cranial cap for patients who have had a craniectomy. 

The cranial cap would act as a helmet while patients wait for a second procedure that repairs the skull

TTSH submitted an intellectual property application for the cranial cap and hopes to expand the offering through referrals and to other hospitals.

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