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Smart Gun Limits Who Can Use It

It uses facial recognition and fingerprint biometrics.

Biofire Technologies, a company attempting to improve firearm safety, recently announced its newest development: a 9-millimeter handgun that authorizes usage through facial recognition and fingerprint biometrics.

It’s called the Biofire Smart Gun and is designed for owners to use for home defense. However, only authorized users will be allowed to fire it. 

The smart gun’s Guardian Biometric Engine combines 3D infrared facial recognition and capacitive fingerprint identification systems that verify a user’s identity. Customizable LEDs indicate when the weapon is armed.

Additionally, Biofire Technologies claims the systems can work even if the user is wearing a face covering or gloves. 

The smart gun, powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, includes IR sensors in the grip that keep it armed while in a user’s hand. If the smart gun leaves the user’s hand, it immediately locks. 

Owners can add and remove authorized users with a touch screen on the portable Smart Dock. Encrypted electronic fire control technology also prevents modification that could work around the biometrics. 

The Biofire Smart Gun was inspired by mortality data from the CDC that reported firearm-related accidents, suicides and homicides were the leading cause of death for American children and adolescents in 2020. 

Since 2019, Biofire Technologies has reportedly raised $30 million for the smart gun, which is currently going through durability and live-fire performance tests. The company expects to begin fulfilling orders next year. 

Prospective owners can pre-order the smart gun on the company’s website. The firearm carries a price tag of about $1,500. 

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