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Remanufacturing Company Sued for Negligence After Explosion

The company failed to properly design the facility, allegedly.

A former worker from a roofing shingle recycling factory in Marengo, Iowa, has sued the company for injuries he suffered during an explosion.

According to the lawsuit, the C6-Zero factory’s recycling process involved the use of chemicals, oils and solvents.

It also claims flammable vapors emitted from the chemicals and oils led to the explosion.

The worker, Kelly Regenold, accused C6-Zero of negligence.

Particulars included not taking steps to reduce or contain flammable chemical vapors.

The lawsuit also claimed the company did not properly design the facility to prevent sources from igniting the flammable vapors.

According to county and city officials, C6-Zero did not provide a list of on-site chemicals prior to the explosion.

The Iowa State Fire Marshal’s office ruled the incident an “accident” due to an “unknown mechanical failure.”

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