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Samsung Device of the Future is Foldable, Slideable

The company says it's "the future of OLED products."

For years, electronics innovator Samsung has been insisting that the future of the mobile device is foldable. Unfortunately, the public has been a bit slow to get on board.

Perhaps it’s because Samsung’s earliest foldable models were prohibitively expensive for most consumers and hit the market with a number of highly publicized glitches. Not to mention, the bendable screens in clamshell designs – designed to energize a stagnant product category – enabled features that were perhaps ahead of their time and resulted in the phones quickly reaching novelty status.

But Samsung hasn’t given up on its pocket-sized dream. Ahead of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the company published a press release announcing the launch of a device they consider “the future of OLED products” and it pairs a foldable device with a slideable one.

Samsung’s CES launch will showcase several mockups that will offer a glimpse into the future of its displays.

According to the Samsung press release, one major innovation is dubbed “Flex Hybrid” and is comprised of one display with both foldable and slideable features – allowing it to extend out in size for greater viewing. Large screen slideables will also be on display at CES, and these are considered, says Samsung, “the prototype of future laptops.”

And while Samsung continues to push the envelope on these designs, being first to market has had its advantages: while foldable phones are just a small slice of the overall smartphone market, Samsung’s early efforts mean the company has captured 88 percent of market share.

Besides these device displays at CES, Samsung will also showcase QD-OLED technology on its 77-inch TV. This includes a refreshed version of its IntelliSense AI and new OLED HyperEfficient EL material which results, says Samsung, in “maximum brightness and overwhelming image quality.”

And speaking of AI, Samsung’s new connected kitchen line will monitor your food – even sending warning notifications to users to prevent their meals from burning

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