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Data Shows Factory Fires Lead Supply Chain Disruptions

There were 2,889 alerts on factory fires globally through Q3 of 2022.

Supply chain software firm Resilinc offered a possible explanation for supply chain issues in a new white paper.

According to the company, factory fires are the no. 1 disruption for global supply chains. 

Through Q3 of 2022, Resilinc’s EventWatch Professional sent out 2,889 alerts on factory fires globally — nearly 1,000 more than all of 2021.

Among the top 10 industries affected by factory fires in 2021 were automotive, manufacturing, food & beverage and aerospace. 

The U.S. led the list of countries affected in 2021 by approximately 300, followed by India and Germany.

A study showed 59% of fires were caused by faulty equipment and machinery, 18% by flammable liquids and gasses and 10% by electrical lighting and equipment. 

The same study showed 50% of fires started inside the facility, 18% in the assembly area and 15% in the warehouse or storage.

Resilinc’s list of contributing factors included gaps in regulatory and process execution, a shortage of skilled labor, component shortages and adverse weather conditions.

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