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Proposed $7.5B Energy Project Could Create 350 U.S. Jobs

The project could produce up to 7.2 million tons of ammonia each year.

A new energy start-up has proposed a $7.5 billion project in Louisiana that could create 350 jobs with an estimated average annual salary of $73,412 by 2030.

Clean Hydrogen Works is looking to build a large-scale hydrogen-ammonia production and export facility in Ascension Parish in southeast Louisiana.

The project could produce up to 7.2 million tons of ammonia each year on a 1,700-acre site on the Mississippi River in Donaldsonville. 

The company wants to use carbon capture and sequestration to reduce emissions and produce "blue ammonia," a product that could become a high demand clean energy feedstock.

Established in 2021, the company will do business as Ascension Clean Energy (ACE) in partnership with Denbury Carbon Solutions and Hafnia. 

Denbury would use its existing pipeline network to transport captured CO2 emissions to sequestration sites for deep underground storage. 

Hafnia would export the ammonia to emerging overseas markets.

The state is offering an incentive package that includes tax exemption and cash rebates as well as up to $7 million to reimburse dock infrastructure expenses.

If the project moves forward as outlined, Louisiana Economic Development estimates an additional 1,122 new indirect jobs. Construction will begin in 2024 and production will start in 2027.

According to Gov. John Bel Edwards, the new plant would create good-paying jobs and help the state move toward its goal of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

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