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DeLorean's Daughter to Build New Model in Detroit

She wants to put "her father’s final business plan to work."

DeLorean Next Generation, not to be confused with DeLorean Motor Company, said that it will build its Model-JZD sports car in Detroit.

The car, which is named in honor of John Zachary DeLorean, will begin assembly in January 2023 before being unveiled later next year.

DeLorean’s daughter, Kat, will spearhead the project as part of an effort to put “her father’s final business plan to work.”

According to a blog post, Kat plans to introduce an engineering program to public high schools to help students put students in apprenticeships and universities.

She also plans to “partner with other manufacturing companies to help meet some of the challenges faced by the automotive industry today.”

DNG Motors is also holding a design contest to find the new logo that will grace the Model-JZD.

Few details about the Model-JZD have surfaced but in artist renderings it appears the vehicle will feature the classic DeLorean gullwing doors.

DNG Motors’ efforts to build a new DeLorean come as DMC is ramping up its own plans for a new electric DeLorean.

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