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Empire’s Pro-Loader Bulk Media Transport System

Empire’s Pro-Loader is designed for bulk media transfer in an Empire blast system, with no heavy lifting required and minimum operator attention needed. The system consists of a 55-gallon or 30-gallon drum-lid, a Pneumatic Vacuum Assembly, Drum-empty Sensor, and an Adjustable Carburetor Pick-up Tube. A customer supplied bulk media steel barrel or cardboard drum can be used for media replenishment. The drum-lid is secured to the barrel or drum by a lever-lock closing ring and a Pneumatic Vacuum Assembly siphons media out of the barrel or drum into the transport hose. Moreover, the Drum-empty Sensor is programmed to automatically sense when the storage hopper is low and siphons fresh media into the blast system.

Empire’s Pro-loader design takes inspiration from our Vacutrans® and Vacuum Recovery System (VRS). The adjustable carburetor pick-up tube found on the VRS siphons fresh media out of a barrel or drum, thus negating the need for an operator to pour fresh media into a replenishing hopper. A compressed air regulator and gauge attached to the Pneumatic Vacuum Assembly, regulates compressed air drawn from the blast system.

By enabling media recovery via a barrel or drum, Empire's Pro-Loader eliminates the need to collect media manually, resulting in safer and cleaner blasting. For more information, contact your Empire Local Distributor or Empire direct at 215-752-8800.

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