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Foxconn Workers Put in 3 Months of Work Per Year

At orientation, co-workers told new employees to run.

So, what are they making at the "eighth wonder of the world?" It's a common question for Wisconsinites who know little about the happenings at Foxconn's private plant in southeastern Wisconsin. 

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, workers in Mount Pleasant are assembling motherboards for Google and Amazon, but the workload is ... manageable. 

A now former 38-year-old employee told the Journal Sentinel that the company has little work for employees. Workers who have been on the job for a year, say they've put in about three months worth of work.

The employee spoke out because he believes workers at the facility are treated unfairly, reprimanded for doing nothing when there is nothing to do. However, he was warned. The employee recalls a tour of the facility during his initial orientation during which co-workers told new employees to run. 

The employee works in a building with five lines, although four are currently operational. Workers from the shuttered line can either sit in the breakroom or use personal time off to take a half day. 

Foxconn Technology Group responded to the report by refusing to disclose the nature of its manufacturing operations. However, the company says the slowdown is related to the global supply chain shortages. 

The employee, who resigned last week, was hired at $16.50 an hour and recently received an unexpected bump to $20 an hour. 

Last year marked the first time Foxconn qualified for state incentives since it broke ground in 2018. The company received some $30 million in Wisconsin tax credits.

At least employees are working some of the time. In late 2020, Foxconn reportedly went on a hiring spree to hit job numbers, but employees had little more to do than race golf carts around vacant buildings. 

According to the company, it will continue to hire.

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