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Comparing Pre-Pandemic Prices of the Top 10 Selling Vehicles

One popular model has seen a 22.2% increase in price since 2019.

Perhaps no market has felt the effect of supply chain disruption more than the automotive sector.

Chip shortages have led to lower dealership inventories and work stoppages across the country – driving up prices for new and used vehicles.

In response, recently offered a look at the prices of the top 10 selling vehicles in the U.S. – comparing their current and 2019 base model prices.

The 2nd highest selling vehicle, according to data from Edmunds, leads the way in MSRP increase. The Chevy Silverado has seen a 22.2% increase in price since 2019.

Second in price increase and 9th on the sales list is the GMC Sierra 1500, with a 19.5% uptick in price.

The Honda Civic, which is 7th in sales, comes in next with a 15% price increase, followed by the number-one selling Ford F-150, which posted an 11.9% price increase.

The Ram 1500 (3rd in sales), Honda CR-V (5th in sales), as well as Toyota’s RAV 4 (4th), Camry (6th), Highlander (8th) and Tacoma (10th) all saw increases from 5.15% to 9.6%.

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