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The Future of Finance

Hello and welcome to our discussion on a portion of Oracle Netsuite’s latest White Paper: The Future of Finance

I’m Jeff Reinke and joining me is David Mantey. We’re editors for Industrial Equipment News, and Manufacturing Business Technology.

Although we’re getting tired of talking about it – the long-term impacts of COVID-19 have impacted more than public health concerns. The effects are being felt in numerous industries – which the U.S. industrial sector definitely being amongst the hardest hit.

And while supply chain disruptions, labor challenges and pricing dynamics have produced a number of sleepless nights, some of the changes that have been forced upon the industry are not necessarily negative. An example of such is the manner in which manufacturers, and those controlling the purse strings, are looking to adjust purchasing plans and levels of investment new, automated technologies.

Today we’re going to dive into a couple portions of the paper that discuss evolving spending plans and new procurement priorities for CFOs.

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