5 Cars Leaving in 2023; Father-Son Tesla Test; Record-Setting Drone Crashes | Today in Manufacturing Ep. 82

Also on the podcast, federal injunction shuts down Morton Grove Pharmaceuticals, second Hyundai supplier violates child labor laws, Janet Jackson crashes laptops, reshoring is accelerating and Twin Metals sues over mine leases.

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In each episode, we discuss the five biggest stories in manufacturing, and the implications they have on the industry moving forward. This week:

Second Hyundai Supplier Accused of Violating Child Labor Laws - (2:28)

On Monday, the Department of Labor accused SL Alabama of employing underage workers at a factory in Alexander City, Alabama.

Federal Injunction Forces Pharmaceutical Manufacturer to Close Doors - (13:09)

On Friday, Morton Grove Pharmaceuticals, an Illinois pharmaceutical manufacturer, was ordered to stop making and selling adulterated drugs.

High-Altitude Military Drone Crashes After More than Two Months of Flight - (21:57)

The Zephyr is a solar-powered drone developed by Airbus that is undergoing testing by the U.S. military.

Father Uses Son to Test Tesla Self-Driving - (29:01)

Another day, another self-driving controversy.

Five Cars That Won't Be Around for 2023 - (38:17)

Edmunds recently put together a list of five notable models that are on the way out.

In Case You Missed It

Janet Jackson Song Had the Power to Crash Laptops - (49:35)

A Janet Jackson song from 1989 apparently had the power to crash some models of Windows laptops.

Multiple Supply Chain Risks Accelerate Reshoring - (54:20)

In 2021, the private and federal push for the domestic supply of essential goods pushed new jobs as a result of reshoring to a record high.

Twin Metals Sues Biden Administration Over Mine Leases - (1:00:18)

Twin Metals Minnesota sued the Biden administration to reinstate federal mineral rights leases crucial to the $1.7 billion project.

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