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Tesla Vehicle Prices Increase

The automaker also delayed U.S. deliveries.

Tesla raised prices for its car models in the U.S. due to supply chain issues and rising costs of raw materials, according to Reuters.

The Model 3 Long Range saw a rise of $2,500. 

Both Model Y versions went up with the Long Range by $3,000 and the Performance by $2,000. 

The Long Range Model S price increased by $5,000.

The Model X experienced the most significant spike, with the Long Range going up by $6,000. 

The automaker also delayed U.S. deliveries of some long-range models by up to a month. 

CEO Elon Musk blamed lithium for the higher prices and has expressed interest in Tesla buying a mining company. 

Layoffs at the company have also begun since Musk, citing a “super bad feeling” about the economy, said Tesla was considering cutting 10% of its workforce.

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