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Tech Startup Makes Wearable for Cows

The CEO calls it a “Fitbit for cattle.”

Stellapps, a tech startup that tracks milk through the supply chain, is looking to apply wearables to the agriculture field, specifically cows.

The Bangalorean company created a step counter and its CEO describes it as “Like a Fitbit for cattle.” 

The device, technically labeled the “mooON,” goes around a cow’s leg and can track its activity levels, CNN Business reports

CEO Ranjith Mukundan says healthy cows produce more milk and that cows move less when they are sick and move more when they are ovulating. 

Stellapps combines information the step trackers collect with data farmers and vets put into a smartphone app. 

The app sends alerts for routine protocols such as artificial insemination and vaccinations. 

In the world’s largest dairy industry, Stellapps is used by approximately 3 million dairy farmers in India.

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