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Dry January More 'Damp' This Year

A moderation approach may be key to more participation in the trend.

“Dry January” has gained traction in recent years as more adults look to begin the year by cutting back on alcohol consumption.

But a new study finds that, increasingly, more participants in the trend have opted for a “damp” January rather than going completely cold-turkey.

A new survey by Morning Consult showed that nearly 1 in 5 U.S. adults were taking part in Dry January, and 77% said they also did so last year.

Millennials comprise the largest portion of participants at 27% of those surveyed.

However, only 52% of respondents said they’re abstaining from alcohol completely; 24% said they would drink less than normal, and 23% said they’d drink only a few days.

The moderation approach may be key to Dry January gaining more participants. 2022’s 19% participation was up from 2021’s 13%.

The survey found that 91% of participants took part for health reasons, while 70% and 62%, respectively, said they’re trying to cut down on drinking or reset drinking habits.

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