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GM Warns Common Aftermarket Accessory Can Ruin Corvette's Mirrors

The mirrors resemble "digital worms" that are "disturbing" and "horrifying."

While the Corvette has always been a popular vehicle, recent shortages have sent costs into overdrive, with dealers spotted jacking prices of 2021 C8 models by as much as $99,000 over the MSRP.

Consider, then, how you’d feel if you paid this insane markup and then foiled your driving plans simply by installing a common aftermarket device. 

According to a recent technical bulletin issued by GM, a conflict has been discovered within Corvette C8’s that have been outfitted with hard-wired radar detection devices – and the results are a little creepy.

GM says that installing a hard-wired radar detector may be sending too much voltage to the driver’s outside mirror, which is essentially frying the defrosting system contained within. 

GM’s bulletin describes the results of one recent incident as creating “a poor operation and appearance, including numerous lines shown in the mirror and a dim reflection at all times.” CNet’s Roadshow describes the aforementioned random line patterns on the ruined mirrors as resembling “digital worms” that are “disturbing” and “horrifying.”

Perhaps more horrifying, for your pocketbook anyway, is that a dealer won’t cover this repair under warranty – the risk that comes with aftermarket modifications. And there’s no fix. GM recommends technicians who see the horrifying worms disconnect the jumper harness that was added to the interior rearview mirror’s X1 connector to power the radar detector. 

Besides this, the only thing to do is replace the mirror outright. And SLOW DOWN, because a disconnected radar detector won’t be much help spotting the next speed trap… though your fresh, new de-wormed mirrors might.

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