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Supply Chains Impacting Christmas Cookies

A growing number of time-honored holiday traditions aren't safe from inflation costs on retailers.

Pandemic-related supply chain challenges have impacted nearly every facet of retail – including time-honored holiday traditions.

These factors led meal kit provider HelloFresh to conduct a study examining the cost of baking a batch of Christmas cookies.

Costs were assessed using local grocery store prices for 2 pounds of flour, a dozen eggs, eight ounces of butter, 16 ounces of baking soda and two pounds of sugar.

Using this recipe, a batch of 100 butter cookies for Christmas costs $6.10 in the U.S.

Sweden came in as the most expensive country at $12.83/ batch, followed by the Dominican Republic ($11.74), New Zealand ($10.57) and Russia ($9.81). 

Ecuador was the cheapest at $3.50 per batch, followed by Poland ($3.62), Spain ($3.80) and Germany ($4.04). 

The most expensive place in the U.S. to bake Christmas cookies is San Diego at $12.40 per batch. Charleston, South Carolina is the cheapest at $2.23.

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