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Thanksgiving Dinner Costs Up 14%

The turkey is going to cost you.

Amid rising food costs nearly across the board, the typical Thanksgiving feast will be considerably more expensive than a year ago.

The American Farm Bureau Federation’s 36th annual Thanksgiving Items Cost Survey found that the average cost of this year’s holiday dinner for a party of 10 is up 14 percent from 2020.

At a cost of $53.31, it equates to less than $6.00 per person.

The shopping list for the survey includes turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, rolls with butter, peas, cranberries, a veggie tray, pumpkin pie with whipped cream, and coffee and milk — all in quantities sufficient to serve a family of 10 with plenty for leftovers.

The Farm Bureau survey also covered an expanded menu that included ham, Russet potatoes and frozen green beans, and when those are added, the overall average Thanksgiving feast cost is $68.72 — still up 14% year-over-year and a little under $7 per person.

Survey data found that the average 16-pound turkey costs $23.99, up 24% from last year, during the period of Oct. 26 to Nov. 8.

However, the Bureau found that price dropped 18% for the week of Nov. 12-18, so consumers who haven’t bought a turkey yet may still be able to get one for cheaper.

As for individual Thanksgiving food prices besides turkey, survey data showed the cost of 2 frozen pie crusts are up 20 percent; a can of pumpkin pie mix is up 7 percent; a dozen dinner rolls is up 15 percent; a bag of fresh cranberries is up 15 percent; and a veggie tray is up 12 percent.

The only Thanksgiving staple found to be cheaper is a bag of cubed stuffing, which is down 19 percent.

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