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Manufacturers Turn to Older Tech Amid Chip Shortage

As the shortage drags on and on, companies are getting creative.

The global march to incorporate connected technologies into products and systems shows no signs of stopping.

But at least one thing is apparently still able to slow down the Internet of Things: Hiccups in the global supply chain.

Numerous manufacturing executives told the Wall Street Journal how their companies are dealing with a shortage of semiconductors.

Some are redesigning their products to rely on fewer chips β€” spurring welcome innovations in some cases.

Others are shipping incomplete units in hopes that they can be modified later on.

Still others, meanwhile, are turning the clock back to older technology altogether.

A maker of snow truck blades, for example, told the Journal that the company switched from chip-dependent handheld controls back to the humble joystick.

Industry observers reportedly expect the chip shortage to continue well into next year.

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