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Amazon Drops Warehouse Mask Mandate for Vaccinated Workers

The mask policy had been in place since Aug. 9.

As of Nov. 2, fully vaccinated workers in Amazon warehouses no longer have to wear facemasks while working, unless mandated by state or local laws.

Citing a notice sent to Amazon workers on Oct. 29, CNBC added that an Amazon spokesperson confirmed the company’s mask policy change.

CNBC quotes the notice saying, “Vaccines are universally available across the U.S. and vaccination rates continue to rise which enables the ability to return to our previous mask policy.”

Amazon considers workers to be fully vaccinated at two weeks after their final vaccine dose. Workers must show proof of their vaccine status in the company’s internal employee portal.

The e-commerce giant previously lifted its mask mandate for frontline employees this past May 24, but reinstated it on Aug. 9 amid a rise in COVID-19 cases from the Delta variant.

Amazon hasn’t mandated vaccination for its workers during the pandemic, but has encouraged them via bonuses and other incentives.

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