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Nestle Adding Plant-Based Egg and Shrimp

Cleverly titled vEGGie and Vrimp.

Nestle introduced plant-based substitutes for egg and shrimp in an attempt to increase its range in the vegan market, according to Reuters.

Garden Gourmet vEGGie will act as the egg substitute and features soy protein and omega-3 fatty acids. 

Vrimp will replace the shrimp and comes after a substitute for tuna which was launched a year ago. 

Nestle Chief Executive Mark Schneider claims the company’s vegan products experienced double-digit sales growth. 

Last year, the addition of other vegan products to Nestle’s already-existing meat substitutes increased its sales of plant-based products from $216 million to approximately $863 million. 

Nestle’s first plant-based burgers came in 2019 and the company also already launched a vegan KitKat. 

The egg and shrimp plant-based substitutes will start with a limited launch in some European markets.

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