Pure and Secure: Transportation

Water Quality – Easy to Overlook, Hard to Overcome

The transportation industry keeps the world moving, but not without you.

Whether you’re manufacturing trailers, filling batteries or maintaining aircraft, you don’t want any snags in the process.  But there may be one aspect that you’ve overlooked: water quality.

The right water is the secret to prolonging the life of your CNC machines, lathes and lasers. Dissolved minerals in poor quality water can accelerate wear on equipment, reduce production quality, and increase downtime. Quality water, on the other hand improves performance, reduces maintenance, and gives you a residue-free shine on the final product.

Pure & Secure is here to help you get the right water, without being at the mercy of bottled water delivery, via their on-site Pure Water distillation system.  Transpower, one of our clients in New Zealand, was sick of dealing with the varying quality, so they installed a large Pure Water system to use with their batteries instead. It’s made their jobs easier, and their teams report being very happy with the performance and functionality of their units.

Deluxe systems from Pure & Secure are fully customizable and range in production size from 50 – 630 gallons per day. 

Featuring a heavy-duty stainless steel design with leak detection, safety shutdown, constant purity monitoring, and lockout features, these systems are easy to install, operate and maintain. 

Even the largest unit - the C-630 Water Distiller - is energy efficient, needing only 1/2 kWh of electricity to produce a gallon of water. Despite its large capacity, the C-630 fits through a standard doorway and features integrated wheels for added mobility.

Things as simple as water can make a big difference to your bottom line. Don’t miss out – contact Pure & Secure today to get your custom system.

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