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White House Looking at 2050 for End of Jet Fuel

The world's demand for jet fuel approaches 200 billion liters per year.

The Biden administration is eyeing 2050 as a goal for airlines to fly on jet fuel from 100% renewable sources, sources told Reuters.

The administration said sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) is being considered but did not mention the 2050 target.

The White House is searching for options to encourage the adoption of SAF and will meet with industry groups to promote alternative jet fuels.

European lawmakers, also focused on SAF, are attempting to require suppliers to incorporate SAF in kerosene. U.S. airlines are against this tactic.

Demand for jet fuel across the globe is approaching 200 billion liters per year. 

Trade group IATA predicts only 100-120 million liters of SAF will be produced in 2021. 

SAF, derived from feedstocks, is two to five times more expensive than standard jet fuel. 

Congress is considering a tax credit for SAF which could make its price approximately the same as conventional fuel.

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