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Perfex TruClean Mop Systems

Perfex Corporation is your trusted supplier of contamination control products for over 95 years.

TruCLEAN mopping systems are designed to meet the critical cleaning standards of controlled environments.

Manufactured with industrial-strength stainless steel components and heat-resistant polypropylene buckets.

TruCLEAN 2 mopping system is lightweight and compact, perfect for cleaning and disinfecting in confined areas.

Bucket-in-bucket design easily isolates contaminants from cleaning agents.

Durable 36 Liter polypropylene bucket with embossed graduations for accurate measure.

Non-porous, super-smooth surface prevents microbial growth.

Includes 3" twin-wheel casters with easily accessible brake pedal for parking on uneven floors.

Electropolished stainless steel wringer distributes pressure evenly for effective moisture control in mop heads.

Hundreds of apertures on calibrated pressure plates release contaminants into the waste collection bucket.

TruCLEAN mopping systems are compatible with gamma, ethylene oxide, and autoclave sterilization.

Simplify standard operating procedures and maximize operator adaptability with the TruCLEAN 2.

TruCLEAN Mopping Systems by Perfex – The pioneers of cleanroom disinfection!

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