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Looking at the Future of Commercialized Space Flight

Ticket prices aren't exactly cheap.

Two billionaires, Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos, both went to space in a 10-day span.

Both have aspirations of commercializing space travel and Branson has already begun selling tickets.

The issue is ticket prices affordable to the masses may not be here for a few decades, according to CNN Business.

Ticket prices for future space trips on Branson’s Virgin Galactic have reached as high as $250,000 with about 600 tickets sold. 

Bezos’ Blue Origin intends to sell tickets at comparable prices. 

Ron Epstein, an aerospace analyst with Bank of America, said, “To get the price to four digits, you have to spread it over more bodies. Getting that many on one flight is extremely difficult.”

To increase demand and decrease price, Virgin Galactic is looking into “point-to-point” space flights that travel between cities on opposite ends of the world.

UBS estimates such ticket prices could cost $2,500.

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