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Mach-Es Prioritized Over Gas-Powered Mustangs

Ford has produced more electric Mustangs this year than traditional ones.

Ford recently reported that it has produced more Mach-E electric Mustangs than traditional gas-powered versions so far in 2021.

The score board shows 27,816 Mach-Es vs 26,089 traditional versions of the iconic sportscar.

Ford has made the conscious decision to allocate its limited inventory of semiconductor chips to new vehicle launches, which includes the Mach-E and Bronco.

Additional data shows stronger-than-anticipated sales numbers for the Mach-E. Ford sold 1,945 of them in May, and 10,510 so far this year. They’re spending an average of 10 days on dealers' lots.

However, the traditional Mustang has outsold the electric version at about a 3-to1 clip. Over 29,000 of the gas-powered models have been sold in 2021.

Last month Ford unveiled plans to invest upwards of $30B on battery-powered vehicle production.

According to the company, reservations for the F-150 Lightning have topped 70,000.

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