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Ultra-Cheap Kandi Electric Cars Approved by EPA

In one state, you can net a Kandi for $5,999.

Kandi America has been making headlines for months by teasing tiny electric cars at the industry’s lowest prices.

The China-based company has two models it intends to sell in the U.S., one of which is slated to cost as little as $10,000 after federal tax credits.

It appears Kandi cars could be on their way to U.S. streets soon.

The company announced that both its K27 and K23 model EVs have been approved by CARB, the California Air Resources Board.

This indicates the vehicles meet the most stringent emissions standards in the country.

The vehicles have also been approved by the EPA.

In Colorado, there is a $4,000 tax credit on electric vehicle purchases, which could be coupled with special rates for the first 1,000 Kandi buyers.

This would make the Kandi K27, after all credits and specials, cost $5,999 in Colorado.

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