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US Manufacturing Gets Early Report Card

States were graded on labor, infrastructure, technology and overhead cost.

While most schools have just started their new year, the Center for Business and Economic Research (CBER) at Ball State University recently unveiled a report card for manufacturing in each state.

The most inclusive grades are provided by the Manufacturing Industry Health report card, which tracks a combination of labor, infrastructure, technology and overhead cost factors.

Those states receiving A's on the MIH report card are Iowa, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky and South Carolina.

Those receiving F’s are Alaska, Montana, New Mexico, New York and Hawaii.

Another key report card is entitled "Productivity and Innovation," and rates the value of manufactured goods per worker, as well as access to inventions and innovations.

California, Michigan, North Carolina, New Jersey and Massachusetts all received A’s.

Alaska, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi and Hawaii all got F’s.

Seven additional scorecards covering logistics, workforce, tax climate and market diversification can be found at

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