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Second Wave of Coronavirus Layoffs Is Here

Nearly a third of those returning to work have been laid off a second time.

A study conducted jointly by Cornell, JQI and RIWI contends a second wave of job losses due to COVID-19 is “well underway.”

The report says that 37% of survey respondents had been laid off or furloughed since the start of the pandemic.

Of those, 57% had jobs restored since, though many are facing further cuts.

Cornell’s report says 31% of those called back to work once have already been laid off a second time.

An additional 26% said that they were told they “may be laid off again.”

This means 3 out of 5 “re-payrolled workers” were now either out of work again, or feared being let go.

The report also pointed out that those being re-laid off weren’t necessarily residents of states experiencing a spike in virus cases.

The authors then concluded that the layoffs were more directly related to the overall economic conditions and the exhaustion of PPP funds.

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