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How LEGOs Just Got More Awesome

Tape on one side and LEGO bumps on the other take building to new levels, and $1.6M in crowdfunding doesn't hurt either.

Without question, my favorite toys growing up were Hot Wheels and Legos. And while you can’t do much to improve upon miniature hot-rods, semi-trucks and classic cars, apparently toy brick building systems can always get better.

The latest improvement comes in the form of Numino Loops. A combination of duct tape and Legos, a roll of Numino Loops offers adhesive Receiver Tape on one side and a series of those unmistakable bumps on the other – allowing new and creative building to take place around corners, up walls and essentially wherever the kid can stick them before parents become the wiser.

Industrial designers based out of Cape Town, South Africa, Anine Kirsten, Max Basler and Jaco Kruger, as part of the start-up Chrome Cherry Design Studio, are the creative minds behind Numino Loops. The group says they’re compatible with LEGO, Mega Bloks, and other similar systems.

Their goal was to allow kids to build on any surface, not just flat floors, tables or countertops. And while my inner child rejoices at the ability to build intricate vertical pathways and rest stops for the aforementioned Hot Wheels, the parent in me is not quite as excited about Legos hanging from every wall, door and ceiling of my home.

The Numino Loops team took to the crowdsourcing site Indiegogo in looking to raise a modest $8k to cover production costs.

Thankfully, there are more people looking to unleash their inner child than those concerned with home infrastructure damage.

I’m happy to say that as of last week the campaign was at 20,000% of its goal, and raised over $1.6M.  The team hopes to start shipping Numino Loops this July.

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