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Meet Duct Tape's Stronger, Cooler Big Brother

For those who want to use duct tape as an end-all fix – you’re prayers may have been answered.

For those who literally want to use a duct tape-type product to fix everything – you’re prayers have been answered.

Despite the non-traditional spelling, Braeön is a hybrid combination of tape, putty and steel. It comes on a roll like tape and once it’s removed and placed on the object in need of repair, it’s heated to reach that moldable putty-like consistency.

Braeön is described as the combination of a super high-strength synthetic fiber and a specialty plastic. At low temperatures, the material is moldable, but once it’s exposed to hot air or water, it adheres and bonds like tape.

Once it cools, Braeön’s molecules fuse together like a high-strength polymer or even steel – with a reported pulling strength of over 2,000 pounds. It can also be re-shaped by re-introducing heat.

It’s paintable, moisture-resistant and its creator – a long-time materials engineer - says it actually strengthens as the temperature drops.

Braeön engineers say its applications are potentially endless, from repairing links on steel chains to fixing cutting tools and even splinting broken bones.

Launched on Kickstarter in January with a modest goal of $15,000 to cover start-up manufacturing costs, the company recently ended their campaign with nearly $75,000 raised by over 1,800 backers.

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